Portland Open News Hackathon

Our dilemma: How can we build software or other tools to help harness, verify and prioritize news and information coming from members of our community? Every day there are things happening in our community that neighbors and community members are eyewitnesses to – but how can we discern fact from fiction, rumor from real news? Can we utilize a network of citizen reporters across the city and region to help in this effort? Are there software tools that can help organize and prioritize news stories? How do we turn these tips into fully-produced news stories, that can be broadcast, posted online and shared between different newsrooms? You can help us ideate, brainstorm, problem-solve, prototype, user test and build solutions at the Open News Hackathon, which will be held on September 19th – 21st as part of the Cascade Media Convergence. We need news reporters, news junkies, code monkeys, hackers, programmers, twitterers, community activists and community collaborators to help in this effort! We’ll gather on Friday evening September 19th to form teams and begin the design process, then on Saturday September 20th the teams will go through user scenarios, build prototypes, test out designs and present their findings Sunday morning September 21st. The best design will be put into use in an actual newsroom setting, and people can continue to be involved as we evolve and build out the prototype into a working product over the coming months. Come and be a part of this exciting initiative to help build the future of news gathering and distribution for Portland, Cascadia and the world! Join us at the Turnbull Building of the University of Oregon, located in downtown Portland at the White Stag Building - 70 NW Couch St. September 19 – 21, 2014
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