Orac is the open source computer in a box, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and P2P Wi-Fi, it has the ability to communicate with all your internet compatible products and with the addition of some hardware, control some of your non-connect products, with the emphasis on voice control. You can find the Beta test site here I have been working on Orac now for the last 12 months, I have used a raspberry Pi as the processor in Orac to encourage all levels of talent. I am in the process of haveing an 8 usb custom board I have designed produced, it supplies a constant 5v 900ma to the pi and powers up to 8 usb add ons, those then sit inside the 125mm cube I have designed and built (I have shown two as my avatar), these boxes are to be built in the UK as is the assembly of Orac. I am a designer and builder not a software person! a friend suggested that I use this site so her I am. Orac uses xbmc and that seems a good place to start, as it comes with a great community of creators. I am using "Lightbox" as its OS, I have talked with the developer of the lightbox skin and he is fine with me using and adapting the skin for beta testing. So here's the brief; I want to use the xbmc lightbox skin as the OS face of Orac, it needs to have additional tabs added for; email, simple web search, voice recognition (could use google chrome for that) voice recognition to operator linked products that I have in design now(lights, plugs, and other connected items, the linked products will be smart in there own right). My intention is for Orac to embrace the open source community, to that end Orac will fund a retail website for hardware and software created by third party developers, giving those developers a place for assistance and even funding to retail there Orac linked products. I want it to appeal to all ages. Users will be able to access the Orac Box, I have done that to limit redundancy and to make Orac easy to update or repair. It needs to be plug and play out of the box.
An Orac for each on the winning team, (up to five units)
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