Dev Circle Code Crash 1

This will be a time where we can code together in one language and one technology (C#). Your choice of technology. At the end of the session hopefully everyone learned something and have something cool to show off... :) Remember the time is Eastern Standard Time so you all will have to tell me what time it is in your part of the world. We can flex the time of the event if necessary. To attend please join the Dev Circle group on Facebook: Happy coding and I hope lots of you attend. :)
Learning Experience for first Code Crash. Kindle Fire HD (two per team)!!!
Right now we have 2 projects with 2 participants.

Using C#, Windows 8 and Azure to create a functioning Study Mate application. This application is a social application that connects students with other students all over the world with similar backgrounds/course history. The application provides the ability for students to have instant tutors to assist with work or to help with the creative process. How cool would it be for a student to learn that someone took the same course last semester and can help with study tips and course material? With classes targeting the online market, this becomes a harder task to achieve.
Team members
ASP.NET MVC4 Project im doing for the wife. Spec and Trello board to come.
Team members