Hacking out Terrorism

This year’s goal is to challenge extremism. We are taking action on a local level by encouraging Cincinnati high school students to create a safe and inclusive community in their school. With that in mind, your product should address one or more of the following objectives. First, educate students on the benefits of having a strong, positive community. Second, educate students on anti-bullying resources in schools and outside their school community. And third, inspire high school students to create a strong, positive community in their school. Below are a few examples, but encourage you to think outside the box and design a creative and fun way achieve the objectives listed above. Feel free to create an app, a website, or any other digital tool. NOTE: Please consider how you can insure your product could not be hijacked and used for nefarious purposes. The app Never Eat Alone (https://www.nevereatalone.io/en/) allows students who do not have someone to sit with during lunch connect with other students. Johnny Bench is launched the Smithfield School app (http://www.smithfieldschoolapp.com/about-the-app/) to help high schoolers “see something, say something” to prevent bullying. STOP!T (https://stopitcyberbully.com/k12/) is another bullying prevention app. SAMHSA has an app (http://store.samhsa.gov/apps/knowbullying/index.html) that promotes dialogue between parents and children. Here is a list of five apps that help parents protect their kids: http://www.eschoolnews.com/2014/07/11/bully-apps-education-329/.
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