TransportLAB online Hackathon

Without transport, you’d barely have business. From supermarkets and retailers, farms to museums, most companies require it for their daily activities. The scope of transport and logistics is huge, but then so is the opportunity to turn things around for the better. This online event runs from June 1-14 and is your chance to contribute to a more efficient and eco-friendly world of transport and logistics. During the TransportLAB online hackathon you will create practical and usable tools, dashboards and/or apps. Anybody can participate, either as an individual or as a group. SO IF YOU ARE: -interested to crunch data iexperienced in data analytics, data mining or data processing -familiar with or interested in logistic (planning)systems -willing to spend time and to share ideas, to -collaborate and to invent... Then you are the perfect fit for our hackathon!
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