Gimmie Hackathon

Welcome to the first ever Gimmie Hackathon. We're inviting skilled teams across the world to hack an iOS game from this Friday Feb 24th to Sunday Feb. 26th, with the winning teams notified Monday Feb. 27th and invited to attend in person or virtually Gimmie's Pre GDC mobile mixer. Attending the event will be over a dozen investors in mobile games as well as aprox. 30 different mobile game studios of all sizes.
The winning teams will be given the chance to present their game live (or virtually) to the entire audience at the Pre GDC Mobile Mixer on Feb. 29th. In addition, the team will obtain a private 30 minute consultation with Jason Citron (founder of Openfeint) and Roy Liu (lead mobile dev for Plants v Zombies) to talk about the prospects for the game and give any mobile gaming advice. Those looking to speak with an investor can get an additional 30 minute consultation with a senior partner at Tandem (investors in several mobile gaming and app companies) to talk about how to get the game funded. The game chosen as best of show at the event, will also receive a free Xbox360.
Right now we have 3 projects with 7 participants.

Lets create a very simple game that is all about shoot and duck. Press on your character, and he will dock. Release him, and he will stand up and then you can shoot just by pressing an opponent.
Team members
Pnut is a runaway chihuahua from a San Francisco shelter "helter-skelter". He ran away from the shelter to avoid getting neutered. The Shelter staff is after him to catch him and get him neutered and they are tracking him via GPS on a map with the microchip they planted on his collar. They are stalking him. The only thing that will repel a shelter person catching him is Mother nature - His power to "PEE". In this role playing adventure, you become Peanut and help save him by pissing as the shelter staff get closer.
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Thinking about doing a freemium-style simulator, possibly about running or building up a city. Something crazy, like a steampunk town or Victorian fantasy. Specifically need artists, though.
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